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Goo Balls are round gelatin-like creatures that live on the World of Goo.


Goo Balls are usually round with two eyes. They can be used to create various structures by attaching to other points on existing structures. However, special types of Goo Balls have other functions and different appearances. They are used by World of Goo Corporation to create various products such as drinks and make-up. According to the Sign Painter, they display signs of intelligence, however they don't know that they are in a game, nor do they know that they are extremely delicious.

When Goo is collected by a pipe, it is taken World of Goo Corporation, where it is purified, and turned into various products. Extra Goo they don't need is taken outside the building where the Goo Balls begin to build a tower. The Goo Balls are reaching for another planet inhabitted only by Goo Balls.

Most Goo Balls can attach to points on existing structures made of Goo. Most Goo Balls can only attach to two points, however other Goo Balls can attach to other amounts of points. Most Goo Balls can also cling to a structure and climb along it. Some Goo Balls, though, like the Dark Black Goo, can't be attached to structures. Also, certain Goo Balls, like the Beauty Goo, can't cling to structures either. These Bois are really cute

Most Goo Balls, when they are not a part of a structure, are attracted to the sound of a whistle, and will rush towards the sound. Goo balls that aren't able to cling to structures, like the Block Goos, can't move towards the sound.

Most Goo Balls can make various sounds when they are being picked up, thrown, killed, or explode (in the case of Beauty and Ugly Goos). It is unknown if these noises make up a language or are simple grunts. One of these noises sounds like the English interjection, "Yippee".


  • Common
  • Albino
  • Drained
  • Ivy
  • Fuse
  • Black
  • Product
  • Water
  • Beauty
  • Ugly
  • Bomb
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Bone
  • Pokey
  • Large Black Goo
  • Bit
  • Pivot
  • Pixel
  • Block
  • Drained Ish
  • Fish


  • World of Goo (First appearance)
  • Super Meat Boy


  • It is believed that the Goo Balls represent oil because of how World of Goo Corporation extracts it and its various properties such as its gray appearance. Some gooballs are also flammable.