The Godkillers are a group of fanatics bent on the destruction of all faiths and religions.

Biology Edit

The Godkillers are humanoids with various tones of skin color and hair shades.

Background Edit

On a world that once worshiped X'Hal the Psions attacked and the Tamaranean goddess in her rage accidentally destroyed the planet. Disillusioned by this act of what they saw as betrayal, the remaining survivors of the planet formed the Godkillers and swore vengeance on the goddess and all false deities.

Centuries passed the Godkillers after killing the god Marast, they finally tracked X'Hal to Sector 2897 on Kalosa, wher the goddess established a new religious empire known as The Light and the Fire. They zealots attempted to killed her but while their god forged weapons were powerful in dispersing X'Hal they proved unsuccessfully in keeping her dead. Anticpating this the Godkillers across the sector began to commit genocide on all her worshipers unless she committed suicide. Kyle Raynor the White Lantern horrified by their actions with the power of Carol Ferris's Star Sapphire used his power to transport the Godkillers across space to Elpis the dead Blue Lantern world. The Godkillers were stranded and stripped of their weapons by the First of the Free vowed to return and resume their mission.

Culture Edit

The Godkillers appear to be a militaristic society, led by one known as the First of the Free. Due to their experience with X'Hal, they hold all religion and gods to be the ultimate bondage. The Godkillers sole duty is the eradication of faith and superstition by force which involves killing idols of worship or gods.

Hypocritically they are not above killing the innocent or even using the powers and crafts of slain deities to serve their zealous purpose.

Appearances Edit

  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #28 (2014)
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #29 (2014)
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #30 (2014)
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