The God-Stars are a species of planet eaters.

Biology Edit

The approach of a God-Star is usually herald by planetary raptures in the form of telepathic empathic events. Sentients experiencing religious visions of "God".

God-Star resemble giant bio-luminescent pods. Once it make landfall on a world it produces smaller versions of itself to spread across the planet.

God-Stars do possess intelligence but it's comparable to an animal, a cunning skilled animal. They are planetary-level predators that single-mindedly closes in on worlds to devour.

The antamony of a God-Star is vastly different. Its heart is a wormhole, filled with electromagnetic gravitational fields. It uses this to break down planets. There are many God-Stars that are actually linked through a sub-dimensional wormhole network. When one God-Star feeds, it sends the digested planetary matter through the wormhole to nourish others of its kind.

Appearances Edit

  • Another Day On The Job
  • Just Routine Questions
  • Locked In
  • Talk Down
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