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Goblins are a race of beastmen living on the planet Vana'diel.


Goblins are short, stocky humanoid creatures. They typically have green skin, long ears, and canid faces, which are always covered by a mask or helmet.

History and Culture[]

Goblins are a very hardy race--their skills along with their adaptive skills have allowed them to coexist with both the enlightened races and other beastmen, being a mostly neutral party during the Crystal War and the current tensions between the aforementioned races.

Most Goblins are friendly with the enlightened races and coexist peacefully in their cities, usually taking up employment as smiths, healers, and traders. They appear to have no problem understanding the language of the enlightened races, though almost all Goblins have distinct accents and ways of speaking the language--it is worth noting that nearly every Goblin has their own twist on the language, ranging from repetition of words, certain mispronunciations, and even vowel-less adaptations.

Not much is known about the Goblins' culture or lifestyle, but they appear to be a very industrial race with a fairly standard social structure. The naming conventions of the Goblins is strict: the suffix -ix is used for male names and -ox is used for females. Upon birth, all Goblins have a Linkpearl implanted in their ears via incision. Using these pearls, the Goblins have a huge variety of channels dedicated to different discussions, news, and weather. The transmissions are too high a pitch for other races to hear and understand.



A Moblin donning the typically ornate armor and gear of his tribe.

The Moblins are a separate tribe of Goblins inhabiting the underground city of Movalpolos. Often classed as a separate race, Moblins descend from a large group of Goblins who banded together to dig underground and form their city. Most of them are troglodytes, having never ventured from their subterranean haven.

Moblins are known for their exceptional skills in smithing, alchemy, and even the infantile field of bionics, a field of study that has not been touched by any other race. It is rumored that the skills of the Moblins may rival, or even exceed, those of the Bastokans.

Moblins mostly live like other Goblins, having a structured society and integrating with other races. They often employ Trolls as mercenaries and keep Bugbears as working slaves, of which they also perform biomechanical experiments on. Moblin naming conventions are similar to, but less strict than, Goblin naming conventions; vowels are often combined c, k, or q to form names such as Flaraflic or Swipostik.

A faction of Moblins resides in the Halvung Territory and the rest of the Near East with a band of Troll Mercenaries, led by the mad scientist Megomak.