Alien Species

The Glowkies are a nocturnal tribe of Mixels inhabiting the underground caverns of the Mixel Moon, the moon orbiting Planet Mixel.



Glowkies are generally colored navy blue, light cyan, dark gray, and off-yellow.

Most Glowkies physically resemble bats, though a few seen instead resemble insects. For example, Globert resembles an average bat, Vampoz resembles a vampire bat, and Boogly resembles a mole cricket.

Vespy looked exactly like Cayno and Nummie, but he's navy blue instead of red and purple.

Powers and abilities[]

Glowkies have the ability to fly due to possessing wings.

The off-yellow parts on a Glowkie's body are bioluminescent.

As with the "planetoid" Mixels, Glowkies can form Mixes and Maxes using colorful devices called Cubits.

A Glowkie Max can shoot purple energy beams from its single eye.


Like all other Mixels, Glowkies are vulnerable to forming Murps using Cubits.

Being a Mixel tribe, Glowkies are vulnerable to having their colors taken away by Nixels.

Culture and society[]

Despite their monstrous appearances, Glowkies love to throw parties and perform for other Mixels.


  • The Glowkies and the Orbitons are the only Mixels in the Mixels franchise to be treated as "aliens" compared to the other Mixels.
  • Vespy shared the same model as Cayno and Nummie.