Alien Species
Glow Fly
Universe Metroid
Homeworld SR388
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Unspecified
Language Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Subspecies Unspecified

A pair of Glow Flies. Glow Flies were insectoids indigenous to the planet SR388 which utilized bioluminescence. When dormant, a Glow Fly can be found holding itself against a wall, flashing their abdomen, which may be a form of mating display, territoriality behavior, or other form of communication. They are defensive beings however, and should a potential threat or predator come too close they will curl up and kick themselves off of the wall to form a projectile, presumably to frighten their foe away although it can cause significant damage to the unprotected even so. If they miss their target, they will try and reattach on an opposing wall, should one exist.

It is unknown whether Glow Flies are related to the similar Fire Fleas or Plazmites; this issue would normally be considered just simple parallel evolution were it not for the fact that all three species exist on worlds formerly inhabited by the Chozo.

Because their homeplanet, SR388 was destroyed in an explosion along with the Biological Space Laboratories research station, and they have not been noticed elsewhere, they are now considered extinct.

Similar Species[]


  • Metroid II: Return of Samus (First appearance)