General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Habitat Unspecified
Height Slightly taller than Humans
Diet Unknown (presumably carnivorous)
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Unknown
Subspecies/Races Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Megas XLR

The Glorft are an aggressive spacefaring hostile species which seek to expand their empire, conquering planet after planet with their militaristic weaponry and enslaving other species as they go.

At some point in the distant future, the Glorft invade Earth and enslave humanity, but when a giant robot prototype stolen by Human rebels to defeat them is accidentally sent to the past, history itself might be altered. The Glorft fleet, led by Gorrath, travels back to the 21st century to prevent that from happening, but are regularly defeated by Coop and his friends, since they now have the robot.


Physically, the Glorft are easily recognized by their part amphibianoid, part cephalopoid appearance. Their skin color ranges from lime green to brown. Their mouths are wide and filled with sharp teeth, and they have two pairs of tentacles surrounding the mouth. The Glorft head is reminiscent of an eel head, but with tentacles. Their eyes are red and pupil-less and they are often considered remarkably ugly by Human standards. The Glorft usually show a hostile behavior towards other species, and occasionally each other.

Glorft starship

A Glorft starship

The Glorft are sometimes seen wearing humanoid robot suits which hide their appearance from down the neck. In the rare instances they're seem without the suit, it is possible to see that they have a pair of humanoid arms, but a mass of cephalopoid tentacles instead of legs. Each hand has three fingers.


Glorft technology appears to be fairly advanced, and based on massive robots which can be controlled from the inside. These robots are usually humanoid in shape (which is odd, considering the Glorft themselves are non-humanoid), but sometimes shaped like weird animals, presumably native to the Glorft homeworld. The Glorft technology also includes huge starships, truly huge weapons and holographic simulators.


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