Alien Species

The Gloose are a species of goat-like organisms. They are found on planet that was a Pyran Settlement, the Pyran woman Kulai commented that they were delicious when roasted.


They have 3 legs, and a somewhat goat-like form. They have two antennae that seem to be used for communications. They are mono-gendered but still mate, the sound of a harmonica is similar to a Gloose mating call.

Domesticated Gloose are not known for their intelligence, but wild Gloose are known for their cunning (and good taste). They seem to be slightly more intelligent than the Pyrans think they are, but not fully sapient.


The Gloose seem to be extremely kind and gentle creatures, the most aggressive act seen performed by a Gloose was spitting in the face of someone who agitated it.

Gloose exhibit odd nesting behaviour: they seem to gather a myriad of random and pointless objects for the construction of the nest. The materials are held together in an unknown way, and the materials seem to have no particular purpose.