Alien Species

The Globblings are a nefarious aquatic species from the planet Globbla.


The Globblings start as very small creatures that are purely aquatic, appearing similar to blobs of red jelly. They live in deep water (which for some reason is referred to as "Inner Space") and consume aquatic creatures until they are large enough to move onto land.

Once large enough to walk upon land they look similar to a cross between a human and a lizard. They have eyes, noses, tails, and mouths. They seem to be driven solely by hunger and will consume virtually anything (including bicycles). They will also, without remorse, consume other sapient beings. The Globblings never stop growing, and the more they consume the larger they grow. It is said that some Globblings have become the size of planets.

Culture and society[]

They do not show many signs of sapience, but they travel between worlds in interstellar craft. Each world is invaded with a single craft, from which the Globblings spread out from and consume all life on the planet. If the planet has sufficient edible material they will contact their people to invade with more ships. It seems that the Vargon take responsibility to stop them.


The Globblings attempted to invade Earth. Their ship landed in Lake Huron and they came ashore in Alpena, Michigan. An alien named Brothron was sent to stop them, and he was aided in this endeavor by two young Humans.

With the majority of the Globblings destroyed, and their ship, he was forced to leave the planet because of injuries. The last Globbling was killed after he left, leaving Earth safe.


  • Globblings are from the Michigan Chillers series of books by Johnathan Rand, their only appearance was in the fourth book "Aliens Attack Alpena".