The Glebsig are a race of gravity-defying moluscoids native to the planet Ladnah, a cold mountainous world.

Molluscoid normal 07

Glebsig biology is specifically adapted to overcoming the many obstacles the species is faced with on their homeworld. They have evolved gas balloons inside their body for buoyancy and to "climb" the many mountains and mountain ranges of Ladnah. They use their many tentacles for grasping objects and food. The Glebsig are a sedentary species, preferring to stay in their closely knit communities rather than travel to unknown destinations. They are also long-lived, living a lot longer than the average human. The lack of any natural predators on Ladnah has given the Glebsig a sense of optimistic curiosity towards any unknown lifeforms.

The Glebsig Foundation was founded a by deep spiritual need and global unity. The Foundation is grounded on the principles of religion and bureaucratic organization but with a main goal of exploring the stars and finding new cultures to understand.

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