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The Glatorian are a humanoid, sapient species native to the desert planet of Bara Magna.


Standing over seven feet tall, the Glatorian are mostly made of organic tissue combined with various implants.

Culture and society[]

To serve the social system on Bara Magna, Glatorian took up the Glatorian Creed. It was a code of honor that they were supposed to live by and respect the Arena Match system. However this was not always universal as some Glatorian were known to be selfish.


Originally were the warrior caste of the tribes, serving as foot soldiers during the Core War. After the Shattering a new social system was devised on Bara Magna to preserve the remaining resources and peace.

The Glatorian is actually a moniker for members of the tribes of Bara Magna that took up mantles as champions. Over time the name became synonymous with the species. Acting as champions for their respective tribes they fought in gladiatorial matches to decide the fate of resources.