Gizureans are an aggressive and unfriendly insectoid race. Despite the contrary belief they are not very intelligent. How they manage to make it to the space age twice without killing themselves in the process is beyond anyone's guess. These insectoids tend to be highly belligerent and crazy. They often make inflammatory remarks and boasts of their own tribal superiority, viciously mocking and insulting other tribes within their race. These remarks often leads to frequent inter-tribal wars. Gizureans have an intense hatred of other alien races, especially non-insectoid races. this is probably due to them losing the first Shakturi war against the Freedom Alliance. This trait makes it very difficult for them to assimilate into any empire. They have a very high reproductive rate, and thus Gizurean empires can grow and expand rapidly. Gizureans typically build their underground hives in rocky areas of dry, desert like planets but sometimes when such a planet is not available they prefer to colonize active volcanic planets instead. 

The Gizureans were originally part of the Shakturi Axis during the initial invasion by the Shakturi. They were loyal allies to them until their demise at the hand of the Freedom Alliance. Like many of the other races they lost the ability to travel to other solar systems when the artificial disease arrived at their borders. When the Second Shakturi invasion force arrived they were targeted by the armada for their abandonment despite them staying loyal to them towards end of the first war.  

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