Giygas' species are an unnamed sapient humanoid race.


This species are long, extremely thin, white humanoids with a pair of horns, no facial features except for slanted, black eyes, points in the place of hands and feet, and a long tail.

They slightly resemble Greys and Frieza's species.


In the early 1900s, they abducted a young married couple named Maria and George for unknown reasons. The couple raise an infant of the species named Giygas as their own son. However, George began to study the aliens' PSI powers without their permission for two years. As for Maria she never returned to Earth. Giygas was tasked by his species to make sure that PSI does not spread to Earth. However, Giygas did not want to betray those who raised him, particularly Maria. Giygas forces himself to detach from Maria and begins preparations to invade Earth.

Eighty years later, Giygas invades Earth with his alien henchmen. He is later confronted by a young boy named Ninten and his friends. Giygas offers Ninten to come to his home planet but Ninten refuses which results Giygas attacking Nintendo and his friends. They prove no match to Giygas' psychic powers until they sing him a lullaby that Maria used to sing to him as an infant which was used to calm him. After they finish singing the lullaby, Giygas admits his defeat and promises Ninten that they will meet again, then he flies away from Earth. Ree.

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