Giruge was an evil member of the Spacewomen race - whose planet was destroyed by the war-like race known as the Zanon. Despite this, Giruge had joined forces with the Zanon as one of their agents.

Unlike the trio of spacewomen on Earth - who obey their people's principles and refuse to kill other living beings - Giruge has abandoned these principles and has no such qualms in killing others - such as when she kills a man who tries to hit on her.


Giruge in her human disguise.

Giruge in her human disguise.

When the Zanon arrived to take over Earth, they discovered that a trio of Spacewomen (Kilara, Marsha and Mitan) have made their home on the planet with the intention of protecting it. After warning the trio of their plan to take over Earth, the Zanon then send Giruge to ensure the success of their plan by locating and killing the trio - who transforms into a different disguise to help her blend in while hiding a concealed laser gun. Meanwhile the Zanon revive Gyaos to attack Japan.

When Giruge spies on Keiichi (a little by who is friends with the Spacewomen) after Gamera is summoned to fight Gyaos and succeeds in defeating the monster by dragging Gyaos back into a volcano, she deduces that Keiichi is somehow linked to the appearance of Gamera. Pretending to be a friendly woman, Giruge takes Keiichi for a hamburger before throwing him through a teleport onto a beach, where Gamera is now fending off a sea-based attack from the revived alien monsters Zigra and Viras. As Gamera kills Zigra, Keiichi realizes something is wrong with Giruge's behavior and flees - with Giruge in pursuit. However, Giruge loses Keiichi when he is saved by Kilara
Kilara approaches the control disc on Gamera's neck.

Kilara approaches the control disc on Gamera's neck.

(who opens up another teleport to transport Keiichi away) - leaving her to watch as Gamera kills Viras.

With the Zanon deciding that Keiichi is not a good lead, Giruge instead focuses on finding the Spacewomen. Eventually, she manages to locate their van and destroys it with her laser gun. Thankfully, Keiichi finds the trio alive and shrunken down inside a special terrarium, before helping them return to normal size. After Gamera fights and kills the revived Jiger, Giruge proposes an idea - let Gamera do the Zanon's work for them, since he has proved himself a formidable force already. The Zanon agree to this and manage to attach a 'mind control' disk to Gamera's neck before
Giruge fires her laser gun.

Giruge fires her laser gun.

sending him on a rampage. However, the plan is thwarted when Kilara manages to trick the Zanon into destroying the disk with their own weapons. With Gamera free of control, he flies off into space to do battle with the revived alien monster Guiron on the planet Terra.  

On Earth, however, Giruge finally tracks down the Spacewomen and Keiichi - intending to complete her mission and finish them off for good. Kilara steps up to the fight while Marsha and Mitan keep Keiichi safe. the fight between the two women is a tough one, with both proving to be solid opponents for one another.
Kilara battles Giruge

Kilara battles Giruge.

Kilara's combat skills allow her to even out the fight - even with Giruge using her laser gun. Eventually, Kilara gets the better of Giruge - beating her back. As Giruge attempts to recover her gun, however, she drops it on the ground - with the gun firing by itself and shooting her in the leg. This time, Kilara recovers the gun to prevent Giruge from using it. Although Giruge tries to get Kilara to kill her, Kilara refuses - stating killing others is against her principles. As Keiichi and the trio celebrate, Giruge aims her gun once more at Kilara, but is unable to bring herself to fire and so tried to commit suicide for her failure. Thankfully, Kilara and the group manage to stop her - although she passes out from the pain of the injury to her leg.

Taking Giruge to Keiichi's house, the group tend to her injury - with Giruge been moved by their kindness to
Giruge's death

Giruge's death.

her despite her continued attempts to kill them. After Gamera kills Guiron and finally kills Barugon back on Earth, the group (including Giruge) head to the park to see Gamera arrive victorious. However, Giruge learns that the Zanon have decided to simply annihilate Earth following their failure to stop Gamera. With her beliefs and allegiance changed as a result of the group's kindness towards her, Giruge sacrifices herself for them by changing into her original outfit (pretending to be the spacewomen) and telling Zanon to lock on and fire. The Zanon do so - with the blast from their ship fatally wounding Giruge. Although the group tried to convince her to fight for life, Giruge was at peace - thanking Keiichi and the spacewomen for their kindness. Before her death, she stated that if she was ever born again, she would like to live on Earth.


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