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The Gigglepies are stuff toy-like creatures that are devious and evil in nature. They enslave planet after planet in their quest to sell their merchandise.



The gigglepie (plural: gigglepies) is a creature that closely resembles rabbits. Each gigglepie is distinct in color and has a long single antenna with a heart at the end on top of the head. This heart shape seems to glow all the time. These creatures are depicted to look like stuffed toys, stuffed rabbit toys to be precise.

The gigglepies have two large ears on the sides of their heads which aid them in detecting sounds even of the slightest. They have a pair of large round eyes with purple irises. These eyes of theirs play a key role in their hypnotic powers. Located on their heads are noses that also appear to be heart-shaped. Both their upper and lower limbs end with paws suggesting that these creatures are quadrupedal but in fact, are seen to be bipedal.

Internal Anatomy[]

Overlord Glee

Overlord Glee Taken From:

Although these creatures are seen to possess the ability stand in an upright position and are able to walk on both their hind legs, they do not appear to have skeletal frames, or any structure for that matter, that would support the weight of their bodies. They too do not seem to have any of the internal organs that are needed to support the daily activities and functions of their bodies. All that is seen is a homogeneous composition of a substance that closely resembles manure.


Each gigglepie possess the power to hypnotize individuals of other species. This power though is limited and could affect only those who are attracted, captivated, and entranced by their overall appearance.

Their powers though could be mainly attributed to their eyes. In order to hypnotize other individuals, their eyes turn into spiral hypnosis objects, which can induce trances once victims stare at them even for a few seconds.


The gigglepies are seen to inhabit yugopotamia, a world that they have invaded and occupied in the expense of the yugopotamians. It is not known from what world these creatures are originally form.



The gigglepies are named after the personalities that each are thought to possess. There is Trilly, the trust gigglepie; Booboo, the funny gigglepie; and Overlord Glee, the leader of the gigglepies. These creatures, although appear to be harmless and peaceful, are in fact hostile and devious in nature.

The gigglepies speak the English language often speaking in a rhyming manner. When introducing other gigglepies, they do so while using merchandise advertisement phrases such as “accessories not included”.

Their race is also known as “The Special Surprise Inside”. The gigglepies are governed by an intimidating dictator – the Overlord Glee. The Overlord Glee is the white gigglepie that, unlike the rest of the gigglepies, has a crown at the end of its antenna, depicting his leadership over them all. When angry, this gigglepie, turns into a demonic figure with red fur, sharp teeth, and a deep voice.

Led by their dictator, the gigglepies infiltrate planets and in time invade them. Their goal is to sell their merchandise to the different planets. They infiltrate planets in cereal boxes known as “Invader O’s”, disguising themselves as the “special surprise” inside the boxes. While selling their merchandises, they hypnotize the inhabitants of the planet, manipulating them to do their own bidding. The gigglepies, in control of the inhabitants, drain the resources of the invaded planet in order to mass produce more of their merchandise. Once drained, they blow up the planet and move on to the next.

Their defeat and almost extinction came in the hands of Timmy Turner and of the yugopotamians. When Timmy Turner and the yugopotamians discovered that the gigglepies were composed of a manure-like substance, considered as a delicacy by the yugopotamians, the yugopotamians began feasting on these gigglepie invaders.