General Information
Habitat Coastline
Diet Herbivore (fruit)


Sapience Level Semi-Sapient
Behavior Friendly
Behind the Scenes
Universe Farlands Universe

The Giffle is a type of friendly, amphibious species found on the planet from the Oculus VR game Farlands.


Giffles are fairly small creatures, about the size of a household dog. They have large head with big eyes, tentacle-like fins growing off their heads like fins. Their limbs are stocky, ending in webbed hands and feet to better swim in the ocean. They also have smooth skin and a flat tail, presumably for the same purpose.

Giffles coloration is widely various, and they are capable of changing the color of their skin pigment.


Giffles are peaceful and sociable creatures, hardly ever being found alone. They can be observed playing together during a player's exploration, and will willingly eat food a player offers to them.

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