The Giants of Gigantempopolis were a race of giants native to Perim in the city of Gigantempopolis.

Biology Edit

Mammalian, they were several stories tall and able to use elemental abilities such as earth and fire.

History Edit

The Giants lived in a city within the Jungle of Life during Ancient Perim. They were a force feared by many of the ancient tribes and even the elemental type creatures. For some reason the giants mysteriously vanished leaving behind an empty city and their treasures.

Culture Edit

The giants were a highly cultured and technologically advanced, creating marvels ahead of the other primitive tribes at the time. Skilled in robotics, they created automatons that acted as guards to protect their treasures, and developed traps to ensnare and eliminated trespassers. The giants seem to think very little of the small intelligent races of Perim considering them to be pests that begged to be toyed with.

Appearances Edit

  • Chaotic: Dawn of Perim (2007)
  • Chaotic: M'arrillians Invasion - Episode 10 – Gigantemtopolis
  • Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City - Episode 7 - A Gigantic Mission
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