Alien Species

Giant space amoebas are a strange group of organisms originally discovered in the Lagoon Nebula, and later in the Trifid Nebula.[1]


They are a population of amorphous blobs that vary in size from 500 meters when contracted to several tens of kilometers when extended.

Normally, they are semi-transparent, becoming opaque when contracted and almost completely diaphous when extended. Their biochemistry and composition is based on trillions of microscale nodules. These nodules exist in various specialized subtypes, and are able to catch and metabolize micrometeors slowly. They have a kind of silicon-ice metabolism that is highly redundant. They use the stellar winds to move and also to feed on the dust following their magnetic fields. It is unknown whether they are a natural lifeform that evolved from organic molecules in space, or were created by another alien race. However, evidence of the latter is nonexistent as there are no ruins on the relatively young stars and planets in the region. The Space Amoebas appear to be migrating through the galaxy by extending themselves and catching the solar wind from nearby stars.


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