Giant Ladybug are ladybugs which resides in Linphea. Where technology is forbidden, they are used these to move around. They are intelligent as they can obey any commands.


They have a red body with black spots, and yellow beady eyes.


Season 3Edit

When the Winx come to Linphea, in order to find a way to help Faragonda, they must use the Giant Ladybug as means of transport. One of them takes Miele back home, the rest take the Winx to the Sage. After a while, Flora says they have to continue on foot because the ladybugs do not like going near sticky vines.

Season 6Edit

The ladybugs return in this season as they take the Winx to Linphea College.

Season 7Edit

'Coming soon...

Magical abilitiesEdit

They are intelligent as they can obey commands and fly.

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