Giant (Hilda)
General Information
Homeworld Earth (originally)
Body Type Humanoid
Diet Unknown
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Hilda
Created by Luke Pearson
Designed by Luke Pearson

The Giants were a race of bizarre beings that haven't been seen around on the planet Earth for quite sometime in eons.

Biology Edit

As described by the Wood Man from written his book; Giants this big haven't walked the Earth for a roughly good long time. They were considered as an ancient race of gargantuan beings that are rumoured to have once guarded the entire planet, where any young Giant could be summoned as guardian, a sworn duty that would last for so more than a millennia where it's said that he or she would sit and gaze up on top of the highest peak into the black of night sky while watching out for any dangers that might've come from above and according to legend that the last to have been chosen as guardian was a fellow named Jorgen.

History Edit

Dating back to about four-thousand years ago, the Giants arrived in the uncharted valleys long before others such as humans as they were the first. However over time when things started getting small, people began appearing and built houses for themselves but only when the Giants kept accidentally stepping on their homes. Soon after, there fights and arguments against the Giants as they realised that it just wasn’t their world anymore so they all decided that it was time to leave and nobody knows where the Giants all want for sure exactly, but there are some who say that that they all just jumped as high as they could and were drifted off into space.   

Appearances Edit

  • Hilda and the Midnight Giant (2011)
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