Gia is a young Barkonian girl, the daughter of town magistrate Garvin, who found and befriended a memory-damaged Lieutenant Commander Data while he was down to retrieve radioactive remains from a Federation probe which had crashed near the Barkonian village.

Data suffered from amnesia and was unaware of his nature and origins. Gia and her father gave him shelter and named him Jayden, believing him to be an Iceman who came from the Vellarian Mountains. Gia, along with her father and some other villagers, began to show symptoms of a mysterious disease, which Data figured out to be radiation poisoning from the probe's remains he was carrying with him. As the villagers blamed Data for their plague, Gia retained her trust in him and assisted him to find a cure, which he successfully managed to.

Gia and her father were cured, but the other Barkonians wouldn't trust Data's good intentions and formed a mob to kill him. He therefore decided to pour the remedy into the town's water supply. Shortly afterwards the mob attacked Data and damaged him, leaving him for dead. Gia made a tombstone for her friend, and when two strangers appeared asking for the mysterious pale man, she told them how "Jayden" saved the village from the plague but was killed because of superstition and prejudice.

The strangers were actually the Enterprise commander Riker and Doctor Crusher, who later beamed Data aboard directly from his grave, along with the radioactive remains. Back on the Enterprise the android retained no memories of the time he spent on the planet.

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