Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka
Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka is a powerful Ork warboss, known to have led Ork forces during the Second and Third Wars for Armageddon. He is infamous for leading the two largest Ork WAAAGH!s ever seen by the Imperium of Man. He believes all "'umies", as Orks call humans, to be "weak scum that deserve ta get stomped", with the exception of Commissar Yarrick, possibly the only human to have been shown mercy by an Ork.


Early HistoryEdit

Ghazghkull started off as a common Ork of the Goff Klan on the world of Urk. During a raid, Ghazghkull suffered extensive brain damage from a bolter round to the head. He was tended to by an Ork Painboy known as Mad Dok Grotsnik, who used a bionic device made from adamantium to replace Ghazghkull's cerebellum. Ever since that operation, Ghazghkull began to claim that he was the recipient of visions from the Ork gods, Gork and Mork. It is unknown if this was because the implant triggered latent psychic abilities, or Ghazghkull was just delusional. From this point, Ghazghkull rose through the Ork power structure. His strength and courage earned him the respect of other Orks. Ghazghkull also possessed something most Orks lacked - vision. His speeches concerned the Orks' mission to conquer the galaxy. He granted the Orks a sense of unity and purpose; at least, to the extent that these words can be used to describe the Orks and their actions. At one time, Ghazghkull had a banner carrier known as Makari the Grot. Makari is thought to be one of the luckiest Gretchin in Orkish history, having survived nine years until Ghazghkull sat on him and then fed him to a Squig.

Second War for ArmageddonEdit

By the time Ghazghkull reached the peak of his influence on Urk, the star the world orbited began to show signs of entering the final stages of its life cycle. Ghazghkull claimed that this was a sign from Gork, proclaiming that it was time to launch a great WAAAGH!. The Orks of Urk were given a choice: follow Ghazghkull on a WAAAGH!, or die. They followed Ghazghkull to the last Ork, determined to claim the galaxy or die in the attempt,. The first planet to be attacked by the WAAAGH! was an Imperial hive world known as Armageddon, creating a massive conflict that would come to be known in the Imperium as the Second War for Armageddon. Many Chapters of Space Marines, along with dozens of regiments of the Imperial Guard, were all called on to stop the Orks' bloody warpath. Despite the Orks' initial successes, Ghazghkull was ultimately defeated, and retreated from the system. A notable effect of this invasion resulted in Ghazghkull earning the wrath of Commissar Yarrick, who dedicated his efforts after the Second War to hunting down Ghazghkull, with little success.

Third War for ArmageddonEdit

During the fifty-seven years following the Second War for Armageddon, Ghazghkull regrouped his forces, and reassessed his strategy. Remembering his defeat at Hades Hive on Armageddon 57 years before, he was not eager to repeat his mistake their, and had intended that Hades Hive would be one of the first places to fall. He led several small attacks on Imperial worlds to test his new methods and technology, and fifty seven years to the day of the previous invasion, he again led the Orks to the Armageddon System in the largest Ork WAAAGH! ever unleashed on the Imperium of Man. The Third War for Armageddon, as it came to be known, was long and bloody, leaving Armageddon in a continual state of war and taking a toll on both Imperial and Ork lives. After the Third War had been fought for a year, Ghazghkull left his forces behind, leaving the system in a modified Space Hulk. He was pursued by High Marshall Helbrecht and an entire Crusade Fleet of the Black Templars Chapter of Space Marines, along with Commissar Yarrick. His current whereabouts, as well as that of the pursuit force, are currently unknown.


  • Adamantium Skull - A byproduct of Grotsnik's surgery. Not only is it thick enough that bullets bounce right off his skull, thus making him impervious to headshots, it also makes a dangerous close combat weapon, able to crush a space marine's skull and helmet in a single headbutt.
  • Bosspole - A bosspole is used by Ork Nobs and higher to show who "da boss" is. Besides serving as a symbol of status, it is also a dangerous close-combat weapon and the easiest way for an Ork to restore "dissaplin" to his mob, usually at the cost of another Ork's life.
  • Cybork Body - Cybernetic modifications performed by the Painboyz for a rich Ork.
  • Mega Armour - A suit of massively thick armour, complete with built in Power Klaw and Twin-Linked Shoota. Ghazghkull's Mega Armour has been customised to use a Big Shoota instead of the regular Twin-Linked Shoota.
    • Power Klaw - A powered gauntlet used by larger Orks for close combat.
    • Big Shoota - A loud, heavy machine gun. As stated above, this replaces the Twin-Linked Shoota that Ghazghkull should have.
  • Stikkbombs - A handheld grenade, similar to a frag grenade. While generally, you pull the pin then throw it, some Orks would rather bash an enemy over the head with it until it goes off.
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