General Information
Homeworld The Nether
Skin Colors White
Behavior Aggressive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Minecraft Universe

Ghasts are a species of large non-sapient white creatures that inhabit The Nether dimension in the Minecraft Universe.

Physical Appearance Edit

Ghasts are all the same in appearance, they have a very white skin color with small specks of grey across their face and the sides of their body. Their skin is also known for being resistance to fire and lava, as Ghosts have been noted for sometimes swimming in lava while in The Nether. They have nine tentacles toward the bottom half of their body, which they use to help navigate through The Nether via flying. Ghasts are also known for having a somewhat sad or discomforted expression on their face, however, this is quickly changed when they spot a potential threat, as when they do so, the show their bright red eyes and being firing massive balls of rock and fire at the threat.

History Edit


An Ghast blasting a fireball out of its mouth

Ghasts have been known in the Minecraft Universe as one of the most dangerous aspects of The Nether. They are found almost everywhere in the dimension, and are considered incredibly difficult to eliminate due to their ability to fly around the surface of The Nether. Ghasts have been known for always being incredibly aggressive towards humans, killing any human that enters The Nether. Though, Ghasts are not the only known creatures in The Nether to attack humans, as many other species, such as Blazes, Magma Cubes, and Wither Skeletons, also attack humans upon entering The Nether. In fact, the only species that dose not attack humans the second they appear in The Nether are the Zombie Pigmen.

Appearances Edit

  • Minecraft (first appearance)
  • Minecraft: Story Mode
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