Alien Species
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Geroon
Intelligence Sapient

The Geroons are a species that were formerly enslaved by the Vagaari, until they were freed by Chiss forces.


In 22 ABY - not long before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion - a group of Vagaari survivors disguised themselves as their former slaves in order to infiltrate the Redoubt and exert their revenge on the Chiss Ascendancy as well as the remnants of the Galactic Republic's Outbound Flight Project. Since the Vagaari had not been seen since their defeat in 27 BBY, they were able to easily masquerade as peaceful Geroons and deceive the Chiss.

Claiming to be refugees whose homeworld had been destroyed by the Vagaari, and with their Paskla-class cruiser also disguised as a refugee vessel, they were able to join the expedition to the Redoubt with the Chiss and their associates. Shortly after their arrival, they attempted a coup, which entailed destroying all the survivors of the Outbound Flight as well as the Chiss. Unfortunately for them, Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker were on board. They subsequently failed.