The Gerbs were a race of primitive mammals native to Yavin 13, the Gerbs were known to be peaceful beings. They were humanoid in form though short in stature, standing at most a meter tall with short arms and long legs. A downy fur covered their bodies, and their claws were metallic in compositon, to help them dig through the rocky ground for roots. A long tail helped the Gerb to balance. They were known for their speed and for their keen sense of hearing. The ears of a Gerb were one-fourth the being's overall height, and were effective at radiating excess body heat. In addition to the Gerbese language, the Gerbs learned the Slithian language over time, as a sort of survival mechanism. The Gerbs were also immune to the venom of the Slith. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Yavin 13 was devastated by the alien invaders, and the Gerb civilization was exterminated.

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