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Genetic Queen

(Intercivus Uteregina)

Universe AVP Universe
Species Xenomorph
Average Height 3.657-4.876 meters
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
It is a Queen with a "new life cycle" due to the DNA exchange with Ripley.
The Genetic Queen was created when scientists of the United Systems Military cloned the body of Ellen Ripley, which contained a developing Xenomorph Queen. Once removed, the Queen continued her cycle of laying eggs, but developed a second stage, which involved the creation of a womb - inherited from DNA exchange from Ripley
This queen procreated a womb instead of an abdomen. It also created a nest which is less resin-like and more flesh-like. The alien queen is able to retrieve information from the body of the Ripley-clone, resulting for the creation of a womb, in which a new alien grows which is part alien and part human called a Newborn. It seems most of it is human, due to the appearance of the creature and the urge it has to see Ripley as its mother and not the creature that gave birth to it.
The womb opens up with a slit which runs all over the 'stomach'. The alien that emerges is full-grown and is largely human termed to as the Newborn. The Genetic Queen also seems to be more attached to the womb, and is slightly deformed. Her arms are shorter and stick backwards from the first joint.
Newborn alien
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