The Genetic Infantrymen or G.I.s for short are a breed of vat grown humans in Rogue Trooper Universe.

Biology Edit

The Genetic Infantrymen were created using state of the art gene-science and nanotech, designed to be better than normal stock humans. Blue skinned humans and pupil-less eyes, they were suited for life on Nu-Earth, able to breathe its toxic atmosphere, immunity to plagues, gases, and radiation. G.I.s were stronger and faster and bred to take more damage.

All G.I.s possess bio-chips, that are full A.I. replications with hard-code emotional frames to handle a disembodied state. Even when they are killed their consciousness can be transferred into these chips and attached to various pieces of military equipment and allow them to continue fighting alongside their brothers.

Appearances Edit

  • 2000 AD #216 - Prog 216
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