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genetic drone (toy)

The Genetic Drones (Internecivus raptus mutanis) are mutated Aliens that were spawned from an Alien Queen with human traits.


They are described as being more 'demonic' than the standard Drones, mostly because they roar rather than screech. Instead of stealth tactics, they prefer to use brute force to overwhelm their prey. They were wiped out when the USM Auriga blew up at the end of Alien Resurrection. Unlike other human spawned Drones which are black they are reddish brown in color.


  • Genetic Drones look a lot like Runner Xenomorphs, they even move exactly like them, except that their head is slightly longer, have a ridge of spikes along the tail, and have dorsal spines like the typical human 'pure' Drones.
  • The neck area around the average Genetic Drone is much fleshier then the biomechanical neck design seen in films like Alien. This could be due to the imbalance of human DNA. Surprisingly this fleshy neck design was used again in Alien vs Predator and Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.
  • Unlike the 'pure' human spawned Drones which have five tubes on the back, Genetic Drones only have four.
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