General Zod
General zod
Biography Information
True Identity Dru-Zod
Homeworld Krypton
Species Kryptonian
Gender Male
Age Early 40's
Language Kryptonian
Occupation General
Abilities Superhuman strength, speed, hearing, longevity, stamina, intelligence, Invulnerability, Flight, Freezing breath, Multiple extrasensory and vision powers, Healing factor
Affiliation Krypton's Military Guild
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe DC Universe
Created by Robert Bernstein; George Papp
Performed by Various





Superman II (1980)Edit

Zod was a ruthless, arrogant and megalomaniacal criminal - sentenced to the Phantom Zone (along with his followers Non and Ursa) due to their crimes of insurrection and murder. The trio remain in the phantom zone until Superman - foiling the plot of terrorists who were planning to blow up Paris with a hydrogen bomb - launches the bomb into space to explode harmlessly. However, the shock waves of the bomb's explosion shatters the Phantom Zone and allows the three criminals to escape, with them soon gaining powers like Superman thanks to exposure from Earth's sun.

After attacking human astronauts on the Moon and the small town of East Houston, Idaho (which they mistake as being capital city of "Planet Houston" due to NASA's transmissions), the three travel to the White House and force the President of the United States (E.G. Marshall) to kneel before him on behalf of the entire planet during an international television broadcast. When the President pleads for Superman to save the Earth, Zod demands that Superman come and "kneel before Zod!". Kent Clark and Lois see the news report, not long after kent has revealed his secret identity to Lois and given up his powers to have a 'normal' life with her, and so returns to the fortress. However, his old enemy Lex Luthor has escaped from prison and found the fortress first - learning of Superman's connection to Jor-El (Superman's father) and to Zod. Trying to get in Zod's favor, Luthor reveals to Zod about Superman being Jor-El's son of, "their jailer" and offers to lead him to the man of steel in exchange for control of Australia. The three Kryptonians form an alliance with Luthor and go to the offices of the Daily Planet, with Zod's lust for power been replaced by a desire for revenge.

Superman returns - having regained his powers after reversing the procedure - and battles the trio throughout Metropolis. However, Zod learns of Superman's caring nature for humanity and uses it against him by attacking the civilians. Deciding the only way to stop Zod and the other criminals is to lead them to his fortress in the Arctic, Superman flies off. Zod and his followers set off in pursuit, taking both Lex (who is guiding them) and Lois (as a hostage) with them. Upon arrival, Zod declares Luthor has outlived his usefulness and plans to kill both him and Superman. Superman tries to get Luthor to lure the three into the crystal chamber to de-power them, but Luthor, eager to get back in Zod's favor, reveals the chamber's secret to the villains. Zod forces Superman to seemingly again undergo the process, only to realize too late that Superman, fully expecting Luthor's treachery, had already altered the process to expose everyone "outside" the chamber to the red light, removing the Kryptonian criminals' powers while leaving his own intact. Powerless, Zod was easily defeated and killed by Superman, with Non and Ursa been killed soon after.

Man of Steel (2013)Edit

General Zod in 'Man of Steel'

General Zod in 'Man of Steel'

General Zod was born through artificial means (natural means having been abandoned centuries earlier), with his role in Kryptonian society been that of a warrior. Initially friends with Jor-El, the two went their separate ways - best emphasized as both realized that Krypton was dying due to its core becoming unstable. Zod led his followers in a coup d'état and deposed of Krypton's ruling council. In the battle that followed, Zod's forces tried to stop Jor-El as he stole the genetic codex from Krypton's genesis chamber, but was too late to stop him infusing it within the cells of his son Kal-El (Krypton's first natural birth in centuries) and placing Kal-El inside a ship to be sent off-world. Briefly fighting Jor-El, Zod tried to get Jor-El's wife Lara to abort the launch, but she refused. Angered, Zod killed Jor-El before ordering the ship containing Kal-El to be shot down. However, Zod's forces were surrounded and the ship escaped - with Zod and his followers been sentenced to the Phantom Zone for the crimes of murder and high treason.

Following the destruction of Krypton, Zod and his followers were freed from the Phantom Zone. Reconfiguring the Phantom-light generator into a Hyperdrive, the criminals were able to use their prisoner
Superman and General Zod in battle

Superman and General Zod in battle.

ship as transport. Exploring the old colonial outposts, they found none of them had survived after Krypton abandoned them - with the fugitives salvaging all they could find, such as weapons and armour as well as a Krypton terraforming device known as a 'World Engine'. Years later, they picked up a distress signal coming from Earth, due to a Kryptonian scout ship been activated by a now adult Kal-El (called Clark Kent on Earth). Arriving within Earth's range, Zod took over all media on the planet and told humanity to hand over Kal-El or face destruction.

Clark accepts, and the military hand him and Lois over to Zod's second-in-command, Faora, at Zod's request. Zod reveals that he intends to use the world engine to transform Earth into a new Krypton and use the codex to repopulate the planet with genetically-engineered Kryptonians, although the process will kill all of Earth's indigenous life in the process. Clark and Lois escape Zod's ship with the help of Jor-El (who appeared in a digital form as Jor-El's consciousness). Back on Earth, Clark defeated Faora and another Kryptonian - convincing the military that he is an ally. After learning about the codex been infused within Kal-El's body (as well as learning he doesn't need to be alive for the codex to be extracted) Zod ordered the the world engine to be deployed, with Faora initiating the process in Metropolis and over the southern Indian Ocean, increasing the Earth's mass and atmosphere. Zod, meanwhile, took control of the Scout Ship Kal-El activated - telling the uploaded consciousness of Jor-El that "he [Zod] would harvest the codex from Kal-El's corpse, and rebuild Krypton atop his bones" before shutting down Jor-El's uploaded form.

General Zod tries to kill innocent bystanders

General Zod tries to kill innocent bystanders

Kal-El (now calling himself Superman) helps the military with a plan to stop the Kryptonians - using the ship that he originally came to Earth in, with the ship planned to be used in an aerial strike (the collision of the two phantom-drives on the ships creating a black hole that will re-trap all the criminals in the Phantom Zone). As the military follows through with the plan, Superman flies out to the Indian Ocean and - despite heavy resistance from the machine's self defence mechanisms - eventually manages to succeed in destroying the World Engine. Zod attempts to destroy the aircraft using the weapons on the Scout Ship, but is himself attacked by Superman. Although Zod tries to stop Superman from destroying the ship - stating he will 'destroy Krypton' in the process, Superman replies that "Krypton had its chance" before using his heat vision to cause the Scout Ship to crash. Despite an attack from Faora, the military succeeds by ramming the aircraft into the Prison ship and pulling them back into the Phantom Zone in the process. However, Zod had escaped this fate due to been inside the crashed Scout Ship. Angered as he had no purpose now with his home and people gone, Zod declared he
General Zod, after been killed

General Zod, after been killed by Superman.

would eliminate Superman and all of humanity - forcing Superman to fight him in a destructive battle across Metropolis and even into Earth's upper atmosphere, with Zod proving more dangerous after having mastered his new found powers.

Despite this, Superman manages to eventually defeat him. When Zod attempts to murder cornered civilians as revenge for his defeat, Superman is left with no option and kills Zod by breaking his neck - although he is openly distraught at having been forced to resort to such an action.


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