The Gelfling are a race of small, elf-like beings from the planet Thra. They are able to share memories by holding hands, an action called dreamfasting, which can happen involuntarily. They can also write in a similar way, in the form of dream-etching. Gelfling also have a kind of magic called Vliyaya, coming from Vliya, Gelfling essence. Females of this species have retractable wings which allow them to glide over short distances.

Almost all Gelflings were killed out by the Skeksis, who feared a prophecy that stated that a Gelfling would destroy them during the Great Conjunction (the alignment of the three suns which happens once every thousand years). Only two known Gelflings survived: Jen, who was raised by the Mystics; and Kira, who was raised by Podlings. The life essence of a Gelfling is known to have long-term rejuvenating properties, at least for the Skeksis.

Before their near-extinction, the Gelfling were split into seven clans:

  • Vapra
  • Stonewood
  • Sifa
  • Spriton
  • Drenchen
  • Dousan
  • Grottan

Notes Edit

  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 franchise can accept Gelfling DNA. In fact, Wyatt would personally like to add this species.
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