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Gel Guards
Gel guard
General Information
Homeworld Anti-matter universe
Habitat anti-matter
Body Type blob-like, gelatinous with orange bubbles and a single claw at the front, one-eyed
Skin Colors orange
Sapience Level nonsapient
Behavior mindless
Species Origin composed of anti-matter
Racial Abilities immunity to gunfire and explosions, use claws to create explosions
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who
Doctor Who- The Gell Guards invade UNIT HQ - The Three Doctors

Doctor Who- The Gell Guards invade UNIT HQ - The Three Doctors

The Gel Guards were a race of creatures made by the Time Lord renegade Omega as foot soldiers during his time in the anti-matter universe.

Biology Edit

Completely composed of anti-matter, the Gel Guards appear like giant blobs of orange, bubble-like structures. The Gel Guards possess a single eye and a giant claw at the right side of their bodies.

History Edit

The thought-to-be-dead Time Lord Omega created the Gel Guards completely out of anti-matter from the universe he resided in for centuries, where he was driven insane by the inhale on the anti-matter residing in said universe and began to seek revenge for his abandonment. While Omega could not return to positive-matter universe because of how the inhale of anti-matter rendered him composed of anti-matter, the Gel Guards were created to survive in the our universe of positive matter and were used to invade UNIT HQ (the current location of The Doctor) and take The Doctor back into the anti-matter universe.

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