General Information
Homeworld Balaron
Body Type Corpulent
Height 4'
Weight 110 Ibs
Skin Colors Any color
Locomotion Bipedal
Top Speed 12mph
Diet Geknip
Lifespan Unspecified
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Pragmatic
Language Gek
Reproduction They are born as Porwigles in spawning syrup
Behind the Scenes
Universe No Man's Sky
Created by Sean Murray

Gek ruins likely left by the First spawn.

The Gek are an amphibious species native to the water-rich system Balaron close to the Center of the universe. They are now a mercantile race. Their ancestors once believed themselves to be the first and master race in the galaxies until they had slaughtered every entity in their way to build an empire. They were ultimately beaten into submission by the Aerons when the core junta of Gek First Spawns were killed.

Appearance Edit

The Gek are a small-statured race with bird-like eye placements and beaks pointing back to their amphibious ancestry. They are bipedal with claw-like fingers, and have a variety of different head accessories.

Culture Edit

Typical Gek are commonly corporate and plutocratic in their mannerisms, with many of their titles tied to trading / industrial related terms. Most of the initial encounters with the species require units (currency). Most Gek monoliths demand players choose a pragmatic approach (putting tortured lifeforms out of their misery, exterminating distant entities etc).

Language Edit

Gek commonly communicate through verbal and olfactory means, meaning that one should also watch for particular aromas when in conversation with them. Many Gek utilize certain dietary additives (known collectively as GekNip and harvested from the weedy NipNip plant) in order to add specific fragrances to their emissions to elicit certain emotional responses in others.

Titles Edit

The Gek each possess a title indicating their status within their society's hierarchy. Known titles include:

  • Attendant
  • Broker
  • Captain
  • Director
  • Employee
  • Hireling
  • Manager
  • Merchant
  • Mining overseer
  • Navigator
  • Resource analyst
  • SalesGek
  • ToilGek

    Bar in a Gek settlement.

  • Trade Envoy
  • Underling
  • WorkGek


Notable Gek Edit



  • Captain Breflik (Adventurer)
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