Alien Species
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Zebes
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Geegas are a species of aerial, pit-dwelling insectoid indigenous to the subterranean jungles of Brinstar, one of the planet Zebes' many sectors. Two hues were known to exist: greenish-yellow and brown, either indicating closely related subspecies, sexual dimorphism, or incomplete metamorphic alterations. They typically could be found living in large colonies within former colonial air ducts and like many other Zebesian hive-oriented fauna, they would protect their homes with ample ferocity. They will continue to bombard their foes with their seemingly endless numbers until the threat flees. Their name is similar to that of the Desgeega from the same planet, although no relation between the two species was ever discovered, and therefore it is assumed to just be a coincidence.

As with all other species native to Zebes, it became extinct in the wild when Samus Aran finally destroyed the evil Mother Brain.