Alien Species

The Gedds are blue simian-like creatures native to the same planet as the Yeerks; and provided the original hosts for the symbiotic Yeerks to inhabit.


Gedds are a peculiar species of quasi-bipedal mammalians with yellow eyes, tridactyl hands and webbed feet. They're not particularly gifted as a species, as their intellect, motor skills and eyesight are all comparatively lacking. Besides that, they're plagued by an unusual asymmetry in which one of their legs is longer than the other; resulting in that, despite being built as bipeds, they can't actually balance themselves without keeping at least one of their long arms on the ground.

Culture and society[]

Due to the difficulties faced from their below-average senses and motor functions, Gedds benefited from a symbiotic relationship with the Yeerks, who helped them to survive in exchange for mobility, as a Yeerk can only leave its aquatic environment while linked to a host. Unfortunately, after first contact with the Andalites resulted in acquiring space-faring technology, the Yeerks turned into an expansionist hostile state and the Gedds were relegated to just one among numerous species of enslaved hosts; usually employed by young and inexperienced Yeerks before they can move on to more efficient bodies.