Gatling Groink
Gatling Groink
General Information
Scientific name Megaplod calibersi
Homeworld PNF-404
Habitat mechanical ruins
Body Type biomechanical
Locomotion bipedal
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Gatling Groink is a highly dangerous, and highly-advanced biomechanical creature discovered on PNF-404 during Captain Olimar's expeditions.

Biology Edit

The Groinks in general are very strange "creatures", if it could be referred as a creature due to their biomechanical nature similar to the Man-at-Legs.

The Gatling Groink specifically is jokingly referred to as "a walking fish with a gun for a mouth", which despite the joke would sum up the Gatling Groink best. It is a bipedal creature with no arms, similar to Bulborbs and Breadbugs, with orange and white scales along its body. Its dorsal fins evolved into smoke stacks, which release interior gases as it moves around similar to a pair of exhaust pipes, and its eyes are placed wide along the sides of its head, facing forward like the rear-view mirrors of a car.


The Gatling Groink's cannon mouth just before firing.

For its biomechanical properties, it possesses a "windshield" like covering over the front of its body, attached to a face covering made up of greenish grey scales. But it's most potent feature is its specialized cannon from its mouth, which if fired on a target releases various mortars. These mortars are highly explosive, and they can shoot three of them at a time at a specific target.

"Territorial" Behavior Edit

Gatling Groink shot

A Gatling Groink in pursuit of Captain Olimar during one of his expeditions.

Behaving like a game hunter, Gatling Groinks had been reported to actively hunt expedition teams, as if it's aware of their foreign presence, and attempting to drive them out by blasting its mortars at them. Many expeditions to mechanical ruins often result in injuries thanks to the Groink.

Groinks had been known to patrol specific areas in a manor similar to Spotty Bulbears, whilst other more stronger individuals are placed on high-leveled platforms on watch, and some reports claim they work alongside the Careening Dirigibugs - another bio-mechanical creature.

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