Alien Species
―Little Fuzzy

The Gashta or, as they are more commonly known by Humans, Fuzzies are a race of diminutive humanoids native to the planet Zarathustra.


Zarathustra, basically owned by the Chartered Zarathustra Corporation under Victor Grego, refuses to admit that the Gashta could be sapient as this would mean that the planet would be declared as a protected aboriginal zone and his company would therefore lose its exclusive rights to the resources, including sunstones, a valuable material. When one of Grego's staff members, Leonard Kellogg, kills a Fuzzy it leads to a court case hinging on whether the Gashta are sapient or not.


Little Fuzzy, a Gashta.

During this court case, the Terran Navy's commander reveals that his staff have been studying the species and that they can indeed speak through the use of ultrasonic frequencies, which are heard by mankind to sound like "yeek"; however upon processing with the use of proper electronics, the sounds could be rendered into a complex language audible to Humans. This proved that the "Fuzzies" possess a mental acuity of at least that of a ten-year-old Human child, thereby forcing protection under Terran law, leading to the CZC to lose it charter on the planet as well as the incarceration of Kellogg.

Despite this, Grego would continue to attempt to wrest control over the planet and its resources.