The Gold Garoga with two Silver Garoga behind him.

The Garogas were an evil extraterrestrial race that appeared as the main antagonists in the Zone Fighter TV series.

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They are shown to be a species who will conquer or destroy other planets - most often using giant monsters (daikaiju) called Terro-beasts/Fearbeasts. Their fearbeasts could be one of the following:

  • A monster they have found and taken control of (such as Gigan).
  • A monster they had created themselves - which are most often deployed using a 'Terro-Beast Missile', which is launched from the Garoga's satellite.
  • A Garoga who had transformed into a Fearbeast (such as Spyler).
  • A group of Garogas that had transformed together into a Fearbeast (such as the Garoga-X agents who would transform into the monster Grotogauros)

A White Garoga with two Silver Garoga behind it.

Some of the Garoga's most notable acts include destroying the planet known as Peaceland - the previous home of the Zone family - and claiming to be responsible for the creation of the three-headed space dragon, King Ghidorah.

The Garoga's themselves were shown to be a very ruthless race, with them doing anything they can to take over - such as when they blackmailed a scientist to hand over a new power supply in exchange for restoring his son's lost eyesight (a promise they never would fill). They could also replicate human forms in order to blend in - which were nearly flawless apart from them having webbed hands. When the circumstances called for it, they could even remove their antenna and use them as weapons.

For their invasion of Earth, the Garoga's orbited the planet in a giant satellite - deploying Fighterships (which could act as bases on Earth if required) and Terro-Beast Missiles when necessary.

The Garoga's followed a strict hierachy of command, with members being able to be told apart by their colour schemes, chiefly through their head colour:

  • A Golden Garoga (also known as "Baron Garoga") is the leader of the armies and the invasion force on Earth. In some cases, there was more than one Golden Garoga. Sometimes, the Golden Garoga wears a cape.
  • The Garoga's Satellite.

    Below him are the Red Garoga, who serve as the Garoga Generals, usually serve as fieldside commanders to Garoga forces.
  • The White Garoga serve as scientists, and are responsible for creating the majority of the Fearbeasts who are used in the Garoga's attacks.
  • The Silver Garoga answer to the Generals, with their roles been as henchmen and spies as well as doing other general physical labour. They are shown as possessing the least physical strength of the Garogas - although they are still strong enough to take on humans and the Zone family.
  • The Garoga-X Agents are a group of specialist agents who are trained to deal with anything. Although they appear similar to the silver Garoga, they are equipped with the best weapons and have the ability to blind people through eye contact. They would battle Zone Fighter in the final episode. They can be differentiated by their silver belts and blue-and-white coloured triangular-shaped body decals, which bear a large red X on the chest.

Despite all their efforts, the Garoga seemingly abandoned their invasion of Earth and fled after Zone Fighter defeated the fearbeast Grotogauros, as they were not heard from again following this.

List of Garoga Fearbeasts:

  • Red Spark (Episode 1)
  • Jikiro/Super Jikiro (Episodes 1, 22, 25)
  • Destro-King (Episodes 2 and 12)
  • Dorola (Episode 3)
  • Wagilar (Episode 4)
  • Spyler (Episodes 4 and 12)
  • King Ghidorah (Episodes 5 and 6)
  • Dragon King (Episodes 7 and 12)
  • Gilmoras (Episode 7)
  • Gellderah (Episode 8)
  • Garoga Spider (Episode 9)
  • Goro-Gorilla (Episode 9)
  • Spider Uros (Episodes 9 and 25)
  • Jipudoro (Episode 10)
  • Shadorah (Episode 10)
  • Gigan (Episode 11)
  • Barakidon (Episode 12)
  • Garoborg (Episodes 13 and 25)
  • Dedragon (Episode 14)
  • Zandolla (Episode 15)
  • Moguranda (Episodes 16 and 25)
  • Barugas (Episode 17)
  • Gondargilas (Episodes 18 and 19)
  • Goramu (Episode 20)
  • Jellar (Episode 21)
  • Kastam-Jellar (Episode 21)
  • Bakugon (Episode 23)
  • Needlar (Episode 24)
  • Kabutoji (Episode 25)
  • Grotogauros (Episode 26)

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