The Gargantians are an alien species from the planet Gargantia.

Biology Edit

The Gargantians are a small humanoid race about ten inches tall. They possess purple skin and small horn-like protrusions at the sides of their heads.

History Edit

The ambassador of Gargantia announced his intent to allow his world to join the Galactic Alliance. Unfortunately a few extremists tried to stop and assassinate him, posing as a Space Ranger cadet. Team Lightyear was assigned to protect the ambassador managed to foil their attempts and allow the ambassador to fulfill his mission.

Culture Edit

The Gargantians are a isolationist culture that refrained from joining the Galactic Alliance. They were very mistrustful of other species due their small stature.

Appearances Edit

  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: At Large on a Small Planet
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