Alien Species

The Gargantelles were a species of giants that inhabited Boz Pity until their extermination at the beginning of the Ductavis Era.


When the Hutts of Nal Hutta identified the giants of Boz Pity as potential slaves, they sent many ships, attempting to capture the Gargantelle populace. Desperate to come out victorious, the Hutts threw seven invasions of Nikto at the Gargantelles, but each invasion failed. They then sent t'landa Til negotiators, yet these negotiators suffered the same fate as the Nikto—killed and eaten by the enormous Gargantelles.

In retaliation, the Hutts sent a group of Nimbanese lawyers to the planet of Mourn, to procure the use of Sultan Nastuonodon's long forgotten electric caliphs, pitting the army against the natives of Boz Pity. Over the next decade, Boz Pity was slowly depopulated by the droids. The Gargantelles built large memorials for their fallen, and their world became a graveyard planet. When the last of the giants was slain, the droids returned to Mourn and destroyed themselves, seeing no further reason to exist.