Alien Species

The Gar are a sapient species of blue-skinned humanoids from planet Eternia; possibly from the dark side of the planet.

Very little is known about them, although the race is known to have spawned formidable heroes as well as world-threatening despots and dark sorcerers.

Notable members[]

  • Keldor: A hybrid member of this species and the half-brother of King Randor, who is believed to have survived a disfiguring incident and merged himself with a demonic entity to become Skeletor.
  • Shokoti: A wicked sorceress from the dark side of Eternia who was imprisoned long ago within a pyramid to contain her evil.
  • Sy-Klone: A cyborg and member of the Heroic Warriors.


  • Other blue-skinned characters, such as Trap Jaw, are sometimes speculated to be members of this species as well, although this hasn't been confirmed (and in Trap Jaw's case, it's known that he originates from another dimension, making this idea far less likely).