Ganimes was the name given for a monster created by the space amoeba known as Yog - which had come to Earth in a space probe and entered the body of a stone crab, causing it to mutate into a daikaiju in the hope of using it to conquer Earth - starting with Sergio Island.

The monster first appeared in the movie Space Ameoba before been included in three Godzilla games and making a brief appearance in the Godzilla: Rulers of Earth comic.

Ganimes was originally intended to be included in Godzilla Final Wars as a monster controlled by the Xiliens, but was replaced by the giant lobster Ebirah.


Following the death of Gezora, the creature known as Yog sought out another host - this time choosing a stone crab. Upon entering the creature's body, Yog mutated it into a new daikaiju known as Ganimes. Under Yog's control, Ganimes attacked Sergio Island. However, the creature was destroyed by the humans luring the monster into a pit and destroying it by hitting it with explosives.

Yog survived, however, and escaped the body of the dead creature. Impressed by the first Ganimes and deciding it would need more then one monster this time, Yog created another Ganimes by taking over another stone crab and this time also taking over a rock turtle - which became the monster Kamoebas. The twin assault by the two monsters seemed to successful, until the humans uncovered a new weakness with the monsters - sonic waves.

Using this to their advantage, the humans released a swarm of bats - with the creature's cries causing Yog to lose control of both Kamoebas and Ganimes. No longer under mind control, Ganimes and Kamoebas turned on each other and began to battle each other. As the battle progressed to the island's volcano, the humans brought both monsters down by detonating explosives around the volcano - causing it to erupt and kill both monsters as well as Yog.


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