General Information
Homeworld Tridan
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Gandahar

The Gandaharians are a race from the planet Tridan.

Biology Edit

The Gandaharians are of human stock, but possess blue-tinted skin.

History Edit

Centuries ago the planet of Tridan was settled by human colonists from Earth. The most successful of the colonists developed the kingdom of Gandahar.

Gandahar conducted many scientific experiments in the pursuit of creating perfection. For physical perfection, Gandaharian created the Deformed who were regarded as failures and discared, Another experiment Metamorphis, a giant living brain, was also developed, however it was abandoned in the sea due to its aggressive nature.

Gandahar eventually mastered genetic sciences and abandoned scientific advances to create a utopia. However the long peace that earned Gandahar also left it vulnerable to invasion by the Men of Metal.

Culture Edit

Gandahar society was once a pinnacle of scientific achievement making many advances. However Gandahar eventually lost interest in the sciences and focused on the arts and pleasures. They achieved a utopian society where they relinquished all technological devices, favoring organic technology. Their reign allowed the world of Tridan to achieve a long era of peace. Gandaharians were mostly vegetarians as they found the idea of killing animals for sustenance repungant.

Government Edit

The Gandaharians are a matriarchal society ruled by the Council of Women. Above them is the reigning monarch, Queen Ambisextra.

Military Edit

While a peaceful society, Gandahar maintained a caste of knights that were trained at birth to handle deadly assignments. In addition, Gandahar possessed an array of creatures, most genetically engineered, to fight off any invasion force.

Sources Edit

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