The Gand are a race of insectoids developed in the gases of the planet Gand. Two distinct subspecies of Gand are known to exist, with nearly a dozen different physical variations having been identified among them. One subspecies evolved without lungs, and did not need to breathe at all, while the other subspecies retained their lungs, but could only inhale ammonia. Thus, the Gand with lungs are able to survive in the various gases of their homeworld, but require special breathing apparatus in order to survive in oxygen-based atmospheres. The lungs of these Gand are quite efficient, able to utilize nearly 85% of the atmosphere they breathe in with each breath.

It is believed that those Gand with lungs cannot regenerate body parts like those of the other subspecies, a characteristic that was discovered sometime after the Galactic Civil War.

The Gand developed a totalitarian monarchy, and various colonies of Gand live in pockets of mist in the gas giant's atmosphere. When renegade Gand are sought, findsmen are sent out to locate them. When the Empire overran the planet, the findsmen were presented with advanced technology with which to hunt their targets. The better findsmen often became bounty hunters, bringing respect and credits to their homeworld.

The Gand hold their names in great reverence. A Gand who has not yet accomplished anything in their life is unable to take an individual name, and is simply known as "Gand." When a Gand complete an important task, they are allowed to take on their family's surname. A further accomplishment eventually provide the Gand with a proper name. Pronouns are almost never used, and are reserved for the janwuine - those famous Gand who accomplished so much that their deeds were known by all. However, if a Gand ever does something to be ashamed of, or cause offense to another Gand, their name is reduced.

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