General Information
Homeworld Galymayne
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe DC Universe

Galymaynian were an aquatic species native to the planet Galymayne.

Biology Edit

Galymaynians were a deep aquatic species, that resembled humanoid seahorses with two frontal limbs. Oddly enough the Galymaynians possessed a psychic gestalt that enabled them to merge their minds as one. This unity not only allowed them a deep mental connection, but created a dampening field that could de-power metahumans, simply by faith alone.

Culture Edit

The Galymaynians were a deeply religious race. They worshiped Dhermet, who was the Lord and Creator of their world. Their faith in religion however made them shun science and the truth, making them seem myopic and zealous.

Appearances Edit

  • Superman Vol 4 40
  • Superman Vol 4 41
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