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The Galvanic Mechamorphs are bio-mechanical lifeforms who were accidentally created by the Galvan scientist Azmuth and inhabit Galvan Prime's moon Galvan B.



Galvanic Mechamorphs are a techno-organic species with a gel-like body composed of a nanotechnological fluid metal substance. Their bodies are made of billions of small cell-like creatures called nanites.[1] They have a large singular eye in the center of their face, and their bodies are covered entirely in a circuitry pattern that can vary between individuals.

Humanoid Mechamorphs can be slim, fat, or muscular. While these are the most commonly seen specimens, Mechamorphs resembling animals and plants also exist.[2] Undead Mechamorphs have a skeleton-like appearance.

Although they are traditionally green, Mechamorphs can come in other colors. For example, Bootleg and Mechamorphs from Dimension 23 are blue, Glitch and Benzarro's Upgrade are purple, Gwen 10's Upgrade is pink, and Malware was originally yellow before switching to red after absorbing the secondary Helix.

Powers and abilities

A Galvanic Mechamorph's DNA is "programmed" with blueprints of every alien technology,[3] allowing them to merge with and possess technology. When this happens, they upgrade the technology in question into something far more advanced and futuristic, causing new features to form. After they separate from a machine, it returns to normal.

The nanites in a Mechamorph's body allow them to reshape and move like liquids, even though they are naturally solid beings.[1] If they get blown apart, they can gather together their remains and reform their bodies.

A Mechamorph's ability to merge with technology extends to even sentient beings that are mechanical in nature, such as Chronosapiens and possibly Nanomites.[2][4] They can also merge with organic beings as long as there is machinery integrated within them.

If they were to merge with Cybertronians, Mechamorphs could probably prevent the former from going insane when upgrading them into Triple Changers.[2]

By energizing their biomechanical blood,[1] Mechamorphs can shoot a powerful laser beam from their cyclopean eyes.

Having a vast library to draw upon, Mechamorphs can mimic and shapeshift into technology[5] and non-electrical objects.

A humanoid Mechamorph such as Baz-El can spawn a smaller animalistic Mechamorph like Ship. However, it is only possible to do so once the larger Mechamorph has absorbed an animal-like Mechamorph.[2]

Mechamorphs can manipulate the environment of Galvan B by merging with one another. This has been done when Galvan B was reborn after being destroyed by Malware.

Due to being inorganic in nature, Mechamorphs can survive in the vacuum of space.

Undead Mechamorphs can downgrade technology they merge with to a more obsolete stage, functionally working in the opposite of ordinary Mechamorphs.[2] They also have sharp claws that can be used in melee combat.

Due to the alterations Kevin Levin has made to the Antitrix, Bootleg is more powerful than ordinary Mechamorphs. He is also capable of merging with technology that has already have been merged with another Mechamorph.

In an alternate timeline, Mechamorphs can merge with organic DNA, thereby creating hybrid Mechamorphs. An example of this occurred when remnants of Upgrade's DNA merged with Ben's Human DNA to create Glitch.


While Mechamorphs are masters of the mechanical, their merging powers are useless on organic creatures, with only the few exceptions being those who already had technology integrated into their organic systems.

Being living metal, Mechamorphs are weak against electricity, such as that which can be generated by Nosedeenians, Conductoids, and Fulmini. They are also sensitive to electromagnetic pulses and magnetic fields.

Ordinary Mechamorphs are vulnerable against the abilities of a mutated Mechamorph. For example, Malware can absorb and destroy other Mechamorphs whereas Bootleg can fuse with and possess them.

In addition to electricity, Mechamorphs are weak against acid[6] and intense heat such as fire and lava.[2]

Young Mechamorphs cannot completely merge with technology due to being too small to completely stretch themselves long enough.

Due to their nature as synthetic lifeforms, Mechamorphs can be affected by technorganic viruses.[2]

Mechamorphs can be affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[2]

Mechamorphs are vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite.[2]

Like other living beings, Mechamorphs can be controlled by a Vladat's Corrupturas.[2]

Mechamorphs are vulnerable to being turned into smoothies by a Roebekampus Multipede.[2]

Culture and society


Most Omnitrix transformations based off the Galvanic Mechamorph share the same voice as their users albeit through a speaker. This is because Mechamorphs cannot "upgrade" living tissue. Therefore, the merging of both the user and the transformation's DNA is incomplete.[1]

Certain Mechamorphs such as Malware, as well as related entities such as the Retaliator Armor, have a robotic tone to their voices.

The only Mechamorph transformation to speak with a voice completely different from their user is an alternate timeline version of Upgrade. The reason for this is because his voice meant to be a deep-voiced interpretation of that timeline's Ben, as if he was the same person suddenly in a different body with a deep adult voice but still a kid.[7]


The Galvanic Mechamorphs were first brought to life as a complete accident. Galvan B was originally an uninhabited moon, orbiting Galvan Prime. Galvan scientists lead by Azmuth were originally working on a project to make Galvan B habitable, but it went farther than intended when a new sapient species came to life thanks to the Helix.

It did not take long before the first Galvanic Mechamorphs came to join the galactic community and meet their creators in person. Azmuth and the Galvan were surprised by the unexpected result of their experiment on Galvan B. With their help they built a great civilization within days. Since then, the Galvan and Galvanic Mechamorphs have become peaceful neighbors.



  • The Omnitrix's Galvanic Mechamorph representative is named Upgrade, who first appeared in the original series episode "Permanent Retirement". Upgrade has appeared in almost every series except Alien Force.
    • The Ben Tennyson of Dimension 23 has an equivalent of Upgrade named Techno-Bubble, who first appeared in the Omniverse episode "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World Part 1".
    • The reboot version of Kevin 11 has a mutant hybrid equivalent of Upgrade named Bootleg, who first appeared in the episode "Franken-Fight".
    • Upgrade has also been used by the Prime Timeline Kevin, the "What-If" Gwen 10 (albeit off-screen), and the "Gwen 10" episode version of Max Tennyson. Despite not appearing on-screen, it is confirmed that the Gweniverse Gwen 10 and Benzarro both have Upgrade available their Omnitrixes.[2]
  • Galvanic Mechamorphs have no natural predator (apart from Malware) due to the nature of their creation.[2]
  • Ship is considered to be the Mechamorph equivalent of an Earth puppy.[2]
  • Mechamorph transformations may not be able to mimic technology due to their incomplete status.[2]
  • Multiple species share physical similarities with the Mechamorphs, such as Shadowman's Species, Kringl the Summoner's Species, and the Xerge.
  • Derrick J. Wyatt views humanoid Mechamorphs being able to mimic technology as a glitch power.[2] However, Matt Wayne does not believe this to be true because he was unaware of the existence of "glitch powers".[8]
    • The out-of-universe reason for this power being available to humanoid Mechamorphs is because someone on the Ultimate Alien crew did not have a basic understanding of how Mechamorphs work.[2]
  • In 2020, Wyatt released full-color models of alternate versions of Upgrade used by the Gweniverse Gwen 10 and Benzarro.
  • In the original series, it was stated that the Mechamorphs were brought to life by an environmental disaster.[9] This has been retconned in the Omniverse episode "Trouble Helix" and this new origin would be incorporated into the reboot continuity.


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