The Galidyns are a race of creatures native to the planet Tatrang IV. They look like huge, scaly, intelligent lizards, with small, prehensile forepaws, and large wings. The average Galidyn measures five meters in length, and had a wingspan of nearly ten meters. The Galidyn live to be thousands of years old, and each mating produced just one egg every 100 years. Xenobiologists discovered that there were a few Galidyn that had survived the Great Cleansing of the ancient Fyodoi.

The Galidyn love ideas and discussion, and have keen intellects and intense curiosity. They speak the same language as the Fyodoi, but a highly-refined, pure version of it. They tolerate the Fyodoi. The Galidyn have formed eight cities on Fyodos, and each was ruled by a Galidyn steward. When cornered or angered, Galidyn can be ferocious fighters.

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