The Galdon is a monstrous insect inhabiting the DarkIce Mines on Dinosaur Planet. The origins of the creature are not known, though it may possibly be one of General Scales' genetic experiments, similar to Drakor.

The creature has a mantid-like body structure, with four of its limbs being used as legs and the forelimbs being used as arms; it also has various claws surrounding its face, presumably to aid in feeding itself. Although Galdon is typically referred to as a male, it possesses a stinger, indicating that it is in fact female, as only female insects have the available ovipositor to convert into a stinging apparatus.

Background history[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Although little is known about Galdon's life, she was eventually frozen into a large sheet of ice while clutching a SpellStone by Garunda Te before they reconciled with Belina Te.

Fate[edit | edit source]

Galdon encountered both Fox McCloud and Prince Tricky deep within its lair, the DarkIce Mines, after the duo inadvertently warped into its cave. Finding the beast frozen, they were forced to melt the ice in order to obtain the SpellStone that they required. However, once freed she immediately swallowed the stone, challenging the heroes to a duel.

Fox quickly deduced that Galdon could be enraged by smacking her stinger, causing her to swallow him as well. Once inside her gullet, Fox found the SpellStone already encased within a membrane and is forced to destroy this membrane not only to free the SpellStone but also to free himself before Galdon's stomach acid kills him. The internal damage Fox causes her forces her to regurgitate the furry hero, but does so before he frees the stone. He is forced to get swallowed again, and to do so he hits her with the Fire Blaster. Tricky is swallowed this time as well, but this time, Fox succeeds in freeing the stone.

Unfortunately for Galdon, the damage Fox has done to her is irreparable, and she quickly spits him up only to choke to death afterwards.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Galdon bears a resemblance to Edgar the Bug. Not only this but she is defeated in a very similar manner.
    • She also bears some resemblance to an Acklay.
  • Klanadack was an early name for Galdon.
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