General Information
Homeworld N'chak'fah
Habitat Methane atmosphere
Body Type Insectoid
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Babylon 5

The Gaim are an intelligent race of hive-based, hive-minded insectoids from the planet N'chak'fah. They breathe methane gas and need to wear environmental suits when in an oxygen atmosphere.


The Gaim's social structure is similar to that of the Selenites, in that each individual is uniquely designed to fulfill a very specific role in society, and thus they differ from each other extensively in both physical appearance and intelligence level. Some types of drones which have been named include: Adviser Drones, Balloon Drones, Explorer Drones, Kah'un'zom ("hunter-gatherer drones"), Warrior Drones and Worker Drones. The only thing all drones have in common is that they live to serve their queen.

This species lives in huge nests underground, and are naturally agoraphobic (having fear of open spaces). They also show a natural fear and aversion to the color green, which to them means "danger". The curious Balloon Drones are capable of buoyancy and used to transport other drones from nest to nest as they float through the very thick atmosphere of N'chak'fah.

Culture and societyEdit

The N'chak'fah government, known as the Gaim Intelligence, is a council composed of the six ruling queens. Collectively, they're one of the various member races of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

Historically, the Gaim were unaware of the existence of alien species due to their homeworld's naturally thick atmosphere which prevented the development of astronomy and astronautics. Their first official contact with aliens came when their world was invaded by the Narns, although the invaders were successfully defeated by the Gaim. They also seem to have some sort of enmity with the Vree.

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