Alien Species
A Gabbit. The sonar device attached to its skull was placed there by Vykkers.
Universe Oddworld Universe
Homeworld Oddworld
Average Height Unknown
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient

The Gabbits are a species of amphibious creatures who inhabit Oddworld.


Gabbits are amphibians with small bodies, consisting of a large head with enormous eyes, small arms, and one large webbed foot, used primarily for swimming and hopping onto dry land. Their nostrils are placed high upon their heads; this allows them to stick the top of their snouts out of the water and breathe in oxygen. The fins protruding from their heads have been stated as a possible method of hearing.



The life cycle of the Gabbit.

Gabbits begin life as young Gabbiwogs, spawning in Ma'Spa along the Mongo River. They are a social and playful species—they like to spend their days swimming and interacting via a series of squeaks and whistles produced by their flute-like tongues. Groups of Gabbits are referred to as pods and their main source of nourishment is the Worry Fish. Gabbit eggs, referred to as Gabbiar, is considered a delicacy among the industrial races, particularly Vykkers, and their lungs are often harvested for lung cancer patients. These are the two primary reasons why there is only one known surviving Gabbit on Mudos—Latimere Munch.