Genetically Engineered Neural Imagination Engines, or GENIEs are a genetically created race of nearly omnipotent beings from the Doctor Who universe, whose true appearance is similar to a cross between a dragon and a platypus. These creatures' only purpose in life is to grant any wish they hear. Although they are able to manipulate space and time and matter, all this takes a lot of energy. GENIEs are able to obtain the energy they need from several sources, including electricity, sunlight, and drinking the liquefied tissues of dead creatures.

Once GENIEs were created on Earth, they quickly spread through many lands and eras, creating chaos by seriously altering the timeline. This was eventually fixed by the Doctor, who prevented their creation by giving the first of their kind freedom and sending it to some nice place to live, far away from Earth.

It is implied that travelers from the future and their GENIEs were the inspiration for the Arabian myths about wish-granting beings known as genies.


  • The Stone Rose, a Doctor Who novel by Jacqueline Rayner
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